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"As a fan of both FFT & Advance Wars there’s only one problem: I haven’t played this yet! xD looks aweeeesome!"

Chase of Bass, @chase_bass on Twiter

"First thing I thought of when I saw this was Advance Wars. Looks nice."

Micheal Smith, @WinstonDouble on Twiter


Stuart Shannon, friend on Facebook.

"Looks great man!"

Brett Patterson, friend on Facebook.

"Looks fun!"

Aaron Lee, friend on Facebook.

"The animations are brilliant! Everything looks so alive."

Thoman Mc Closkey, @Gypopothomas on Twitter.

"Love the aesthetic!"

Duckeh Labs, @DuckehLabsInc on Twitter.

"with all that dancing, is this a medieval disco simulator?"

Garbriel Crowe, @gabrielcrowe on Twitter.

"This looks super fun, love the colorful look!"

Craig Barnes, @cbstegeman on Twitter.

"Darn, if only this was more like Advance Wars than Fire Emblem. But I did donate, and I love the style."

FunFact216 on Reddit.

"Fantasy Conquest Tactics certainly has a nice art style."

Magnemania on Reddit.

"I love games like this."

thegunn on Reddit.

"Looks very nice! The advance series were some of my favorite games, and I’m looking forward to play this one!"

alex_oue on Reddit.

"The art style alone is enough to get you a few thousand installs. Looks nice."

Pyrohair on Reddit.

"Looks awesome! One of my favorite games ever is Advanced Wars"

Gecko5567 on Reddit.

"Your game looks awesome. As a long-time FFT fan I salute you :)"

Mateusz Greloch

"I love the throwback to Advanced Wars (been waiting for a title like that on PC)."

Ash Blue @ Square Enix Collective

"Looks very cool and fun to play! Voted ‘yes’ for sure! The animation has an appealing ‘cartoony’ feel but still great gameplay 🙂 Sanook!!"

darth.izaak on Steam

"It’s a great game i love the color, the characters, and it’s so fun! I can’t wait for more content and play modes, keep at it!"

Diago, Stormseeker79 on Twitter

"i looks very interesting!"

COOLMAN on Steam

"Great game, guys! Please keep it going – I’ve just sat down for a minute, and spent an hour playing it!"


"The art style and idea is far too close to Fat Princess. Not very original at all. The graphics are also sub par, making it look like a PS2 era game. Needs a lot of work and better distinguishing ideas, otherwise it looks like a low-res knock-off."

mrbrangsta on Square Enix Collective

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